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Childbirth & Parenting Preparation

Preparing expectant parents for the most important thing you 
will ever do!

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for an amazing insight into child birth and parenting, I had an amazing time and learnt ao much in an open and very friendly environment. I definitely feel more comfortable after today's class. Will recommend for all expectant mothers and their partners 

Thankyou Nicole for sharing your knowledge with us on Saturday. We loved the relaxed environment and open discussions. We left feeling you answered all our questions plus more! Your caring nature made us feel comfortable to ask anything that was on our mind. We are so glad we participated in your class. We are feel excited, well informed and ready! Bring it on! 

We found attending a prenatal class very emotionally confronting after losing 

our first son at twenty weeks. As an alternative, Nicole came to our home and we

had a private class.  Nicole‚Äôs knowledge was invaluable and her compassionate 

and gentle nature eased our fears for both the labour and the daunting task of

bringing our baby home. If our son Casey could talk at four months he would

thank Nicole for helping his Mum and Dad be the best parents they can be. We

will always feel a debt of gratitude to Nicole for her understanding nature and

for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us.

Hi Nicole Thankyou so very much for the very informative & understanding of childbirth and parenting preparation. My wife & I found the session very valuable since many topics caught us by surprise thinking we knew a lot but you never know too much not realising technical & practical aspects at & after child birth. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is family planning as I think its essential to get it right; knowing what your lady & child are going through & what dads need to know & do in these new months of pregnancy & birth. I will definitely encourage all my friends who are thinking of starting a family too call you & sit in one of your informative, comfortable & relaxed learning sessions. Regards Kamal