Bring it on!
Childbirth & Parenting Preparation

Preparing expectant parents for the most important thing you 
will ever do!


Giving birth and bringing home a new baby is a big event in your life! It is a wonderful thing to bring a new person into the world, but many expectant and new parents will admit that it can be a bit daunting.

Bring it on! Childbirth and Parenting Preparation sessions are designed to explain the mysteries of birth and early adaptation to parenthood. Small class sizes mean you will have the opportunity to discuss things that are of particular interest to you. You will learn ways to work with your body to birth your baby. Then you will learn what to expect in the weeks after the birth, what can help smooth the transition, and what resources are available to support you in your local community. Partners and other support people are very welcome.

Small group sizes. 

Other classes have up to 30 participants. In our classes the most we will book into one class is four women and their support person.


Similar classes can cost up to $400 elsewhere. We charge $250 for a woman and her support person. 

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